Objective: This study aimed to determine the stages of cachexia and existence of pre-cachexia in cancer patients using the parameters of the cachexia score.

Methods: The study included 333 cancer patients (males, 61.3%; mean age, 59.0 ± 13.2 years) who were followed at our clinic and received radiotherapy. The cachexia score of the patients was calculated, and their cachexia stages and pre-cachexia status were evaluated using the parameters of cachexia scoring system.

Results: According to the cachexia score of the patients, 30.9% had severe cachexia and 5.7% had terminal cachexia. The frequency of severe+terminal cachexia was the highest in gastric cancer (92.9%), followed by pancreas (57.1%) and lung (51.2%) cancers. Moreover, the frequency of severe+terminal cachexia was also the highest in the patients who received chemo thera py+ra dioth erapy +surg ery (44.2%).

Conclusion: Assessing cachexia in the early period and planning nutritional support as a part of treatment is essential. Patients with gastrointestinal or lung cancer need to be monitored for cachexia more closely.

Keywords: Cancer cachexia, cancer, cachexia scoring system, pre-cachexia